Missing Classmates

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Anne Baldwin
Arnold Bishop
Beatrice (Betty) Brons
Charlie Browne
Marilyn Cappetta (Giampaolo)
Willard Carlsen
Irving Carroll
Joan Christiansen
Gurtrude Curtin (Newton)
Constance Dawson (Sacken)
Marion Dellemann (Telander)
Jane Egan
Sally Ellner
Vincent Fabrico
Agnes Fleischmann
Lorraine Fols
Ernest Frank
Charles Graf
Nancy Gronman
Robert Hall
Roberta Hart
Marilyn Herzberg
Richard Hohman
Patricia Hudson (Karmel)
Walter Jones
Edward Koster
Gloria Lavelle
Shirley Mains
Betty McNamara
Thelma Napier
Barbara Pence
Ann Peterson
Anne Postal
Robert Potter
Joyce Robb
Patricia Robinson
Marilyn Russell
Rosalie Shaw
Jena Somogi (Smith)
Anita Stauder
Ron Stein
Muriel Thyben
Jonas Ulshaefer
Rosario Vento
Robert Vitale
Rosemary Webber
Barbara Weeks

Guest Members

Judith Greenberg (Saccucci)